Wahnsinnig coole Sachen, die du mit einer Heißklebepistole machen kannst

Did you know what great things can be done with a hot glue gun ? We’ll show you some DIY ideas that are totally in. But beware! They are hot!

Melted chalk art

Take the glue out and put crayons of wax in the glue gun. The kids will love this project. But you have to know that the glue gun is not suitable for other DIY projects afterwards. So you should use an older and cheaper one. Show the little ones how to work with a glue gun and never leave them alone during the project.

Seal an old style envelope

Writing a letter is really rare these days. Make letters with you popular again with this trick. The method is the same as the molten chalk art.

Make a unique vase

Take a simple vase and let your creativity create something new and beautiful.

Individual glasses

“Paint” personal messages or patterns on the glasses with your hot glue gun, then fill them with something delicious or pretty and surprise your beloved.

DIY brush cleaning mat

Save about 40 euros and make yourself a brush cleaning mat, which is a cool alternative for an expensive mat.

So you can do one yourself:

No slippery hangers anymore

A few stripes and your hangers will never slip.

… and no slippery slippers anymore

A hot glue gun can solve the problem of slippery slippers in no time.

Beautiful coral masterpiece made of wire, glue and paint

Wahnsinnig coole Sachen, die du mit einer Heißklebepistole machen kannst

It seems to be hard, but it is really easy to imitate. And you really only need wire, your glue gun, paint and a brush.

Homemade Indian tent

Make for the children a magical Indian tent without stitching!

Doodle on a rolling pin to make its own rolling stamp

Take a permanent marker and draw a nice pattern on a rolling pin. Then “glue” it over and you already have your own roll stamp.

DIY wand a lá Harry Potter

Take a chopstick and dark brown it. Let the paint dry and then enchant with hot glue.

Thank you for reading the article “Insanely cool stuff you can do with a hot glue gun” and have fun copying!

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Wahnsinnig coole Sachen, die du mit einer Heißklebepistole machen kannst

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