Very Stylish Designs with CDs

Very Stylish Designs with CDs

The best part of the designs that we can do for ourselves is that we can evaluate the items that are no longer used. Old jars, cans and similar items can help in many designs. Designs that can be performed using these items are available in our other galleries. But now we have CDs. We […]

25 Scandinavian Kitchen Design To Create A Stylish Dining Area

Scandinavian interior design has always been wonderful. It is particularly appreciated when it is associated with modern interior design. The reason for this is that their style is quite simple. Scandinavian interiors are renowned for their brightness and minimalism. The main color used in these places is white. Although seen by many people as a […]

30 Stylish Bathroom Models You'll Love

The bathrooms, which are the most basic need of each space, can be designed in a very different and modern way with the materials and textures to be selected. It is possible to create and apply unlimited designs on bathroom models. Bathroom design is a more privileged and difficult subject than other places. The materials […]

Stylish and Cool Laundry Room Ideas

Stylish and Cool Laundry Room Ideas

If you have a separate room where you can put your washing machines and drying machines, you should use this chance in the most beautiful and efficient way. Or if you have a cellar room, you can redesign this room as a laundry room. This will drain the space your washing machine and dryer will […]

A Field for Your Child to Grow: Natural and Stylish Teen Bedrooms

The criteria for the children’s room should be suitable for smaller children and should be suitable for a small child, storage space, sleeping, play, and maybe also for the school. Many collections prefer bright colors and cool themes because they are attractive for children under 10 years of age. The designers at Lineas Taller, unlike […]

35 Stylish and Bright Scandinavian Living Room Design

It is easy to recognize Scandinavian interior design. But there is not only a Scandinavian style, there are more than one, and they all have general elements. For example, in all of the Scandinavian interior designs, all places are boarded, usually light colored, and can be used in any room other than the bathroom. The […]