Old Car Wheels Work Very Good

Do not underestimate the old car wheels, sometimes open to your imagination.

BBQ for delicious meats En

Old Car Wheels Work Very Good

Sometimes as a decorative tool in your garden sometimes you can easily evaluate your kitchenware as a device that organizes your hoses. Sometimes you can even design your own hands by using a rugged car rim that you can use even if you cook delicious grills.

Decorative flower pots Dekoratif

Old Car Wheels Work Very Good

Stale car rims are widely used in gardens as decorative and decorative flower pots. After being painted with various paints, it is fixed to the area to be used and colorful flowers are planted in it.

In a very short time you can create an image of flowers that are colored in a large colored flowerpot. You can place a glamorous garden decoration by placing colored wheels in different places in your garden.

Ideal for barbecue Mang

Old Car Wheels Work Very Good

You can also use the old car rims to create a very robust and long-standing barbecue design. All you have to do is make 3 iron feet to the car rim. You can do this easily by using the welding machine or you can get help from the experts.

After that, all you need is a round clean grill. Then you can burn your barbecue on your favorite meat types with a great pleasure to cook and then you can consume.

Hose collection apparatus toplama

Old Car Wheels Work Very Good

Your hose, which you use frequently to irrigate your garden, is constantly moving under your feet, and if you don’t know how to get rid of it, you can simply wrap your entire hose onto this special rim using only one rim.

For the nose, all you have to do is fix the old car rim firmly to the wall. In this way, our hose will be in its own place every time and when it is finished, it will be in place where you are not in place.

Wind rose, tables R

Old Car Wheels Work Very Good

By considering these and different ideas like this, you can have the ease of use in different ways with old car wheels.

All you have to do is think before you throw it in the trash and then evaluate it in the most special form.

Bank castors Bank

Old Car Wheels Work Very Good

Because rims are products that can appeal to different purposes. Sometimes you can sit in your garden pleasure even the iron feet of the bank has features.

Old Car Wheels Work Very Good

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