Furry nails are the latest trend right now

We’ll tell you how to make fake nails for yourself.

“Furry Nails” is the creation of Jan Arnold, Style Director and co-founder of Creative Nail Design. The idea was presented at the New York Fashion Week on the Libertine Autumn / Winter 2016 show and has evoked different emotions in the people.

If you can not keep your fingers warm in this moody weather, or if you’re craving for a plushy friend to cuddle or just want to try a new look, you’re in the right place.

So you can mimic the Furry Nails, so the furry nails yourself at home:

First, nail your nails with a neutral nail polish. The CND team used brown-gray and white paint for the Libertine show.

Then comes a coat of topcoat. Of course, CND recommends its own overcoat. As the overcoat dries, press fake fur onto your nails and voilá: ready!

As with other nail trends, you can use nail polish remover to remove your furry nails. This can be a bit annoying and complicated, but all is better than running faux fur on your nails for a whole day, for example with this manicure Cook.

In my opinion, it is a great idea for a subsequent carnival party, if you want to go to the party as a werewolf or as a cute animal.

In the Instagram community you will find a lot of photos of this new madness.

What do you think of this new manicure? Write us your opinion in a comment.

Thank you for reading the article “Furry Nails Are The Newest Trend Right Now” and have fun for you when you copy the Furry Nails!

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Furry nails are the latest trend right now

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