DIY Rope Shelf Making

You can add color to your empty corner or wall by adding this rope rack. While you can handle this rope rack with the hook that you will open to the ceiling, avoid making two or three holes on your walls. It’s a great choice for those who frequently change the decoration of tenants or their house and get bored with holes in the wall!

DIY Rope Shelf Making  DIY Rope Shelf Making


  • Drill
  • 5/8 inch drill bit
  • A thick rope
  • Scissors
  • Clamp / clamp
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Two rectangular plywood cut to the desired size

DIY Rope Shelf Making


1. Start by preparing your plywood. There are two parts that you are careful about. If you want, you can cut yourself with a saw or you can get help from a carpenter. If necessary, sand the edges.

2-Place the plywood on top of each other and use the clamps to secure it.

DIY Rope Shelf Making

3 – After fixing these plywoods to each other, drill holes in each corner to match the thickness of your rope. Our rope was about 3/8 inches thick, so we used the tip of the drills 5/8 inches.

If you find it difficult to pierce the plywood on top of it, you can drill it very carefully after carefully measuring and marking. You have to be careful about this because your holes need to be smooth to make your shelves smooth.

4 – After drilling the holes, paint the edges of the plywood with a bright and vivid color. This part is entirely up to you, you can be as creative as you want. You can paint the whole board, paint only the corners, or leave the board as is. Because it is completely up to you, you should choose the decor that you think will look the best!

5-In order to cut the rope evenly into 4 parts. Their ropes are a bit long, because they have to take into account the part of the nodes that are going to hang from the ceiling. This part is also connected to your ceiling height, how much you want to hang. That’s why you have to adjust the length of the rope.

DIY Rope Shelf Making

Please note that you can shorten the rope at any time, but you don’t have the possibility to add additional parts. So keep it too long rather than keep it a better option!

6-Attach one knot to each rope and pass your lower shelf through the ropes to secure the shelf. Determine where you want your top shelf to be, and tie each rope one more time. Make sure that the gaps between the nodes are as equal as possible, so that your shelf stays flat.

7 – Finally, combine all the ropes on top and throw a knot. If you have enough length, you can hang the rack directly from your ceiling. You can use extra rope to hang if not.

DIY Rope Shelf Making

Keeping your shelf close to the wall will prevent it from turning. You can hang this shelf on a hook that you place on the ceiling. If you have a long enough hook, you can also hang it directly on the wall. Place the materials you want on and your project is ready!

DIY Rope Shelf Making

DIY Rope Shelf Making

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