Create Amazing Decor Ornaments Using Jars!

Instead of assigning jars that you don’t intend to use in your homes, you can transform them into beautiful accessories with a few different changes.

1. The merging of play dough and jar

Create Amazing Decor Ornaments Using Jars!

With your existing jars, you can easily make a whole new image by using the play dough. First of all, you can use the white colored dough to cover the entire jar. You can then leave a part of the window open with a window.

Then, on the white background, create a door shape consisting of brown tones and give the window shape as the window.

Then you can make colorful flowers with green lawns to the places using the remaining colored play doughs. Again, you can decorate the top and side of the door with the colorful play dough. You can turn the cover part of the jar into a mushroom image by making white dots on the red background.
In this way, you can use your jar, which has a very decorative appearance, at different points.

2.Kitchen accessory with a handful of chickpeas and an empty jar

Create Amazing Decor Ornaments Using Jars!

Especially for your kitchen decoration, place the jars of dried chickpeas or beans into 3 cm. Then place them on the wall by placing them in the middle of the thick and colored candles. Drill the center of the jar lids open so that the candles are airborne, then close the candles and close the lids before closing the lids. You can use these special decorative jars at any point.

3.Natural snow globes

Create Amazing Decor Ornaments Using Jars!

You can turn the pine branches you collect around the bottles into a beautiful looking snow ball using the white protectors from the white goods boxes.

4. The chandelier from the jar

Create Amazing Decor Ornaments Using Jars!

It is not a dream that you can get a little technical support as you can design chandeliers.

5. Let’s do needlework at home

Create Amazing Decor Ornaments Using Jars!

Needles and threads in our homes always create problems in storage and every time we store, it causes finding problems in the next use. How about making a beautiful storage box for the needles and yarns you use in your homes?
You can simply place it in a medium-sized jar.

Then, wrap a handful of cotton tightly into a colored fabric and stick the bottom of the jar cover with adhesive. This jar, inside a jar cover where you can store your needles and threads easily, height can become an apparatus that you can easily use whenever you want by submerging your pins. In this way, all your needles, thread household needles will be located just below your hand every time you call.

6. Silvery decorative bottles

Create Amazing Decor Ornaments Using Jars!

A little bit of glue and your favorite colors sim malzeme Did you have to make special vases with these two materials?

Create Amazing Decor Ornaments Using Jars!

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