Classic and sweet hairstyle ideas for long hair | hairstyle trends

It’s especially great on long hair that you can vary it in many ways. You can do anything with your hair and can style a new hairstyle for every occasion. Without inspiration or lack of time but is often tied just a ponytail. If you do not know what to do with your hair, take a look at our hairstyle ideas list and let yourself be inspired.

This is how a chignon is made easy:

Classic and sweet hairstyle ideas for long hair | hairstyle trends

From classic to cute: hairstyle ideas for long hair


This chignon is a perfect idea for women who prefer to sleep longer than get up early to get their hair done. This Chignon looks elegant and you only need a couple of hairpins.

Smooth vixen hairstyle

A flawless hairstyle that we all love. Luckily, we do not always have to visit a hairdresser if we want to decorate it. Thanks to this guide, we can imitate them easily.

Twisted hair bun

This cheeky topknot is perfect for when you’re warm or when you want to protect your hair from the water while swimming. Grab your hair, turn it and make a loose bun. In the end, secure him with hairpins.

The braided ponytail

With this idea you can give the classic ponytail a new look. Simply intertwine and ready! This hairstyle lasts longer if you do not make it from freshly washed hair.

Braided braid

I believe that it is the cutest of our hairstyle ideas today. If you can not decide between braid and a ponytail, style this style. Insert a flower or a bow for an even more cute look.

Modern knot

Modern and daring. If you like the conservative but modern style, this hairstyle is the perfect choice for you. She is disheveled, but fashionable and will look great with the little black dress.

The pretty loop hair bun

If you feel especially girly, this is the hairstyle you should do. In 4 steps you will have an incredibly pretty loop hair bun. Attach it with hairspray.

Cute, twice turned Chignon

This Chignon looks a bit complicated, but it’s not hard to imitate him. Follow the steps and at the end attach the bun with hairpins and hairspray.

Mermaid hairstyle

Draped French braid

Classic and sweet hairstyle ideas for long hair | hairstyle trends

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