4 DIY treatments for dry hands

4 DIY treatments for dry hands

Is your skin also very sensitive? Are you looking for DIY treatments for dry hands? Read this article and you will never have this problem again. Like the Montagues and Capulets, winter and sensitive skin will never get on well together. Winter can do devastating damage to our hands. The harsh temperatures and lower humidity […]

Do It Yourself Face mask for acne

This homemade facial mask for acne acts like a miracle cure! Not only teenagers but adults are often annoyed with acne. It can make our social, work and personal life more difficult, but you’ll never have to spend a lot of money on various facial care products or expensive medicines! With the help of this […]

Zauberhafte Schminktipps für das perfekte Make-Up

5 make-up tips that everyone should know! For centuries women have been making up to look even more beautiful. There are many tricks and techniques available to help you look perfect on any occasion. Make-up does not stop at foundation and mascara, however: the following make-up tips show you how to make a great make-up […]

Hier ist eine wunderschöne Hochsteckfrisur, die deinen Auftritt verzaubert

Die Gäste kommen gleich an, und du hast nicht mehr viel Zeit, um dich fertig zu machen, die Nachtische zu backen und das Esszimmer zu dekorieren? Oder ist es Party-Time, aber du konntest dich noch nicht mit deinen Haare beschäftigen? Bleib gelassen! Mit dieser wunderschönen Hochsteckfrisur, die sich ganz schnell stylen lässt, wirst du die aller Schönste […]

Festive nail designs for you - the most beautiful ideas of the winter time

Festive nail designs for you – the most beautiful ideas of the winter time

Take a look at these beautiful, festive nail designs, follow them and admire your magnificent nails! Here are the best ideas for you: 9 festive nail designs for the winter time 1. Dipped in glitter Raise the beauty of your white manicure with festive green and red glitter on the tips of your nails. Insider […]