After reading this article, you will never throw out the empty cans anymore

If you’ve thrown out empty cans , you’ll never do that again from today. You never thought what great DIY projects with cans could be. We’ll show you some ideas that you’ll love.

Bird feeders for the little birds

Be creative and make a pretty bird feeder out of an old tin. You will be so happy about your kindness. All you need is a plate or a tray, wine corks or small pieces of wood, an empty tin, glue and something to hang the bird feeder.

DIY tealight holder

Put some old cans in colorful fabrics or paper, then glue a string around the can. Hang up, put in tealights and light. Voilá: you already have new, attractive tealight holders that you can hang up.

Rustic cutlery tray

Cover the larger jars in jute, then tie a loop around them and place the rustic cutlery containers in your kitchen on the counter. Pretty and practical.

Pretty vases

Paint empty cans with refreshing colors, decorate them with colorful ribbons and you’ll have some new vases for your wonderful flowers that will flower the same

Shabby Chic container

With decoupage you can turn an old tin into a pretty shabby-chic container. You only need craft glue, a napkin with a nice pattern and a brush. Decorate the can with lace for the perfect look.

Tealight holder or flowerpot

Put clothespins on the smaller, old tin cans and you’ll have new tealight holders or flowerpots for pansies or for violets.

Organize your craft supplies with these rustic containers

Keep order with style, so you will find everything you need. From the empty cans you can do beautiful things with a little paint, jute, glue and creativity. You do not need a manual, right ?!

Container for the towels

Take some empty cans, a piece of wallpaper and craft glue. Stick the boxes with the wallpaper, then attach them to the wall in the bathroom and you will have more space and storage facilities for towels.

Miniature garden in the house

Stick wallpaper on the empty tin cans and plant moss or small flowers inside. Do everything the way you want – be creative!

Pure shabby chic

These are the perfect decorations you need. Rustic and practical. I want you!

Once again Shabby Chic

Jute and shabby chic can be combined so well with the empty cans. The possibilities are endless.

Thanks for reading the article about these 10 + 1 great ideas and have fun copying!

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After reading this article, you will never throw out the empty cans anymore

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