19 Stairs Under Kitchen

There are dozens of ways to help you assess the area under the stairs. It is also one of these ways to create a great decorative space and use it here as a small library, creating shelves. This area can also be used as a storage area, with the help of built-in drawers and cabinets that nobody will notice, you can create such a space and store your belongings here. Other functional ideas that will help you use this space effectively can be to use it as a home-office, or even a kitchen. Today, we’ll show you the under-kitchen kitchen designs that will help you save space, so maybe you’ll want to take inspiration from these ideas and make your own staircase into a functional kitchen.

When converting the bottom of the staircase into a kitchen, you have to make an intelligent choice to take advantage of all the possible areas. This requires the use of furniture to help you save space. If you don’t have a very large space you can use, the best option would be to create a space where you can put your belongings to grow through a linear wall cabinet. And if you have a larger space you can add a kitchen island to enrich the area. It may seem a little hard to fit everything in this area, but we believe that the ideas we provide below will help you if you decide to use the under-floor as a kitchen. Let’s take a look!

19 Under Staircase Kitchen Design

As we said before, the kitchen created under the stairs should be carefully planned. What to use under the low and high parts of the ladder should be chosen in a truly intelligent way. Generally the lower parts are used as cabinets or drawers, while the higher areas are used as more active parts, for example to install the refrigerator, stove or dishwasher. In fact, if a larger staircase is available, the kitchen can be placed here as a whole. If there is a smaller space, the kitchen equipment can be stored and a machine can be placed.

If you live in a small house or an apartment, it will be of extra importance to use the whole space in your hand. Therefore, instead of leaving the area under the stairs empty, you can turn it into a functional kitchen. You can share your favorite kitchen designs with us in the comments section. And, of course, be aware of many more interior design ideas. Inspiration be with you.

19 Stairs Under Kitchen

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